Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been very busy over the past 3 months and don't really think about updating this account. Just wanted to give an update now for anyone interested. I have seen a few movies over the last few months. Here's the ones I can remember:

Superbad - 70% (Funny but raunchy.)
Shoot 'Em Up -40% (Some cool parts, way too much unbelievability, over the top.)
The Brothers Solomon - 30% (Boring.)
Stardust - 85% (Fun movie to watch, reminded me a little of a modern Princess Bride.)
The Simpsons Movie - 70% (Enjoyable, funny, lighthearted.)
3:10 to Yuma - 80% (Very good movie, great western.)
American Gangster - 65% (This movie had the most interesting story behind it, but it was prettty boring till the last 15 minutes. I liked it, but mostly for the historical value.)
Flushed Away - 50% (Better than I thought it would be, animation was good.)
Atonement - 80% (Bittersweet feelings with this movie, emotional and well-done, good story.)
Rushmore - 90% (Great movie! Funny, great acting, great story. Love Wes Anderson's films.)
Reptilicus - 70% (This movie was so good because it was so bad. Sam and I saw it because we got a cool 70's movie poster of it. The worst acting, the worst effects, this movie was such a financial bomb that employees from the company who made it were prohibited from talking about it for years. We laughed a lot.)
Across the Universe - 10% (I turned off this movie half-way through. It was one of the worst musicals I've seen. The Beatles music was butchered and the movie was unenjoyable.)
Dedication - 80% (This was a great romance/drama/comedy uniquely done. It was different than most movies like it. I really enjoyed it.)
The Nines - 70% (Weird movie. Interesting, but still weird, concept. I liked the layout of the movie and it was cool to watch.)
There Will Be Blood - 80% (This oil movie moved pretty slow, but it was very well-done and makes you feel sort of awful afterwards. All that to say, it was worth seeing for me, phenomenal acting. And there wasn't a lot of blood.)
Michael Clayton - 70% (Interesting, well-done movie. Didn't completely understand it but was intriguing to watch.)