Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Stranger than Fiction. (2006)

Great idea for a movie. Lovely performances. It is about a tax man who finds his life is being narrated. He hears from the narrator that he will soon die and tries to find out who this narrator might be in order to prevent his death. This is a great film and I would suggest it to anyone.

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Anna said...

The problem with Stranger than Fiction and other similar movies like I Heart Huckabees is that the filmmakers take the narrative too far and include totally extraordinary plot devices like in Hitchhiker. The movie would have been much better if the narration had stuck to the adage that it was born of "The truth is stranger than fiction." More truth and less wild farce (the voice in the sky or the writer's narrative) but I suppose that it wouldn't have had as much shock value and thus instant gratification for its American audiences and hence the disparity.