Monday, May 7, 2007

Bobby (2006)

I did enjoy this movie and I think Emilio Esteves did a great job, especially considering it was his first film. It is a movie about all these different scenarios surrounding the shooting of Robert F. ("Bobby") Kennedy. Although I liked it, my friend Anna nailed the weirdness about the movie...they try to portray a sense of awe throughout the whole movie that doesn't really need to be there. It creates an unnecessary tension and also the amount of well-known actors in the film was more distracting than successful. But in the end, I was really impressed with Esteves' writing and directing skills.

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Anna said...

Yes, I didn't like the tone of "Bobby" and it was not Estevez's first film. I wish that there was a better version of the tragic events that took place. "Bobby" deserved more screen time and Hollywood's B-list could have taken less.